Quench your thirst with our breweries!


Located in the remote town of Exmouth WA, Whalebone Brewing Company is literally beer in a shed. They will be pouring you a variety of their beers!

4 Pines

4 Pines offers  people great taste sensations through variety in their beer, quality craftsmanship, natural ingredients and traditional and time honoured techniques!

Pirate Life

Pirate Life will have a large variety of their beers on offer at the Chicken and Beer Festival!

Fat Bull

Brookvale Union

Brookvale Union will be bringing their ‘Quality Nonsense’ to the festival!

Funk Cider

The brothers take a new age and quirky approach to cider making, with some of their regular lineups including pineapple, passionfruit, ginger, oak aged ciders and many more delicious creations.

Heroes and Comrades

This ones for all the wine lovers! Heroes and Comrades will be serving you a variety of their wines .

Mountain Goat

Bottled but not tamed since 1997! Mountain Goat will have their beers on offer.

Colonial Brewing Co

One of the first breweries to open on Western Australia’s wild coastline, the Colonial Brewing Co will be coming to the Chicken and Beer Festival!

Little Creatures

The iconic Fremantle brewery were one of the first Australian names to take on the international craft scene! Enjoy a Little Creatures comfort at Chicken & Beer 2021!

Green Beacon

Green Beacon beers provide flavour, balance and consistency! They will be pouring up a variety of their beers at the festival!


Balter prides its self on putting your taste buds first! Try a variety of their beers at the Chicken and Beer Festival!